Construction Management Group, LLC is an award winning full service building firm specializing in residential and commercial projects.  Our firm has an unwavering commitment to our clients’ satisfaction, from our first consultation to the final walk through of the project.  Construction Management Group is highly focused on controlling costs, adhering to specified time schedules, best in class workmanship and attention to the finest detail in order to deliver the highest quality construction that meets all the needs of our clients.  Our firm believes in clear and consistent communication with our clients and welcome working with architects, designers, consultants and all other client partners on specified projects.  Whether you are looking to complete a small addition, a complete renovation or brand new construction we welcome the chance to work with you.

  1. Integrity:
    When you do what you say you’re going to do, always, without fail, never needing to be reminded of it, you gain the trust of your client.  Not only is this a principle we stand by, but it is a habit we cannot break. Great collective actions and measures drive a project to ultimate success. 
  2. Transparency:
    The construction management process is one that requires accurate reporting and a refined system of processing which accounts for all expenses to the penny.  We have invested many years into this area alone, creating reports and correspondence that are unmatched in the industry.  Full detailing for all cost is a must. Up-to-date projections, in order to guide the project to success, means, constant oversight; such oversight is essential in order to make critical future budget decisions.  Budget surprises are not acceptable.
  3. Attention to Detail:
    Many use this term loosely and swear they understand it.  We hear it from many “reputable” contractors, and then, in turn have seen their work, only to be moderately impressed with their interpretation of “attention to detail”. Attention to detail has become a mere cliché.   That is why we develop our own punch list (end of job details) before the client has to point out something that needs attention.  Not because we don’t want their input; on the contrary, we feel it is our job to make sure that all is complete and right and only then can we earn the right to claim ourselves as meticulously attentive to detail.
    This means doing it right once, the first time, from planning, to the rough stages, to final surface finish.  “Real” attention to detail is carried on throughout the project to mitigate all risk and minimize any future challenges or inconveniences to the owner.  Modeling, mockup, demonstrations and proper flow ensures well intentioned design.    
  4. Craftsmanship:
    There is no question that the number of craftsman, since the turn of the century, has declined, which makes our job more important than ever to ensure timeless quality.  Sometimes poor standards become accepted standards as their progress is unchallenged.  Sometimes they have become accepted because they are easier or cheaper to implement, but for us, quality will always take precedence when executing our work.   Understanding the science and art of craftsmanship will ensure longevity and lasting enjoyment that will become more valued through time and generations.
  5. Lasting Commitment:
    When our job is done, the exhilarating feeling that we started with, still remains.  When a new job is about to break ground, there is a certain level of excitement for everyone, especially for the property owners who have been planning for quite a while.  Our meetings with the owners are collaborative and productive as we progress.  But the question is, how often do the owners still have that same level of optimism and excitement toward the end of the project?  When you always act in the best interest of your client and treat the project or home as if it were your own, it is easy to maintain lasting trust well after you have completed the project.  We are proud to say, that all those we have worked for can attest that the initial feeling they had which originally caused them to choose CMG, still remains long after we have completed our work.  Furthermore, our eagerness to make sure that everything in their building is running properly never fades.
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