"We invite you to browse the following pages to read the experiences from the clients that have entrusted Construction Management Group for their projects. CMG will gladly provide contact information for all our past clients upon request."
"…The quality of work, attention to every minute detail and your personal uncompromising effort all contributed to what has turned out to be a wonderful renovation project. We fully appreciate the fact that your timeliness, meticulous attention to budget and thorough follow through on punch list items are qualities not often demonstrated and experienced in a construction project. Thanks to the manor in which you managed our project, we feel very fortunate to have avoided the horror stories that are often associated with a project of this magnitude."- Jim and Ann Petrus -
"…Our experience with the project has been very good and the result outstanding. We think we have one of the best, if not the best, constructed homes in our city… The quality of the workmanship in the house is excellent. On several occasions we witnessed your arranging for work, that was not up to your expectations, to be redone. As a result, it is nearly impossible to find anything to criticize… It might be interesting to note, that you are now constructing a house for our daughter and her family. I suspect there is no better recommendation than this."- Joseph and Wendy Vermeer -
"...In renovating an existing building, unknown conditions will arise; our project was no exception. For each issue that arose, Salvatore quickly assessed the situation, came up with alternative responses, and worked closely, if needed, with our architect, engineer and budget to come up with a quality solution... His attention to detail is relentless: from custom doors to glass roof fittings, from trim details to large scale efficiencies. Every one of CMG's subcontractors was polite, efficient, and the hardest-working --and happiest-- crews I have experienced on a jobsite. (Even with the tight time frame and many trades working on site at the same time, the care and commitment to our project by each of the trades was evident. Even after the project was completed, if we had a question or something needed to be looked at, Salvatore has always cheerfully and readily responded to our concerns. Salvatore guards his clients' money as if it were his own... CMG is meticulously detail oriented in its accounting, and shares all information about costs with clients: bills, invoices, bills of lading, all of it... Based on our experience with Salvatore Zarrella and CMG, I highly recommend them."- Peggy Dannemann, UMC Committee Chair -
"…Salvatore and his team at CMG have been outstanding to work with. Salvatore's strengths lie in 3 key areas: 1) His amazing attention to detail, 2) His knowledge and suggestions throughout the projects, 3) His ability to stay on budget. Salvatore's attention for detail is unmatched. He is a builder by trade, but an architect by heart. He questions everything and is always striving to make things better and more beautiful... Salvatore made several recommendations to us as we progressed through construction that helped save us money and made our house more efficient. A great example of this is our radiant cooling system that he brought to our attention and encouraged us to move ahead with. We are now the first home on the east coast to have this amazing system - thanks to Salvatore..."- Ole Petter and Carolyn Ditlevsen -
"We hired CMG to handle an extensive interior renovation and a conversion of an outbuilding at our home in Greenwich, CT. The project involved a complete redesign of the downstairs living space and upstairs master suite, including new bathrooms. We are 100% thrilled with the results! The work is of the highest quality, and Salvatore is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and dedicated. He worked hard to solve many tricky issues, took time to discuss everything with us, and always went above and beyond. The care he took over even the smallest details blew us away. The process with CMG is detailed and transparent, with accurate estimates presented up front so there are no budget surprises. The crew is kind and professional. Salvatore is a gem, and we happily recommend him."- Heather Fletcher -
"…We appreciate your extremely detailed budget plan and the fact that the work was completed under budget – definitely a rarity in home renovation projects. The Quality of your work was superb! We couldn’t be happier with our association with you and the work you did for us. Thank you so very much."- Tom and Marcy Adams -
"…Salvatore possesses great integrity, and of equal significance, he was never afraid to challenge my design thinking to save construction expense, increase quality and accomplish exactly what I wanted… I recommend that you chat with Salvatore because you need to understand his unique business model which, in my opinion is much more favorable to the client than the traditional Contractor cost plus model… Suffice it to say, after six building projects in 30 years I would not consider another builder... The Project exceeded my expectations in cost savings, quality, and minimization of stress. More Important, I always knew your interests were aligned with mine. The scope of my project was extensive… I was not well prepared for the host of architectural, zoning, landscape issues. At every turn you were there to counsel me on how to manage these issues, save money, while maintaining quality… My new home has come in as you projected with quality and detail better than I imagined. I look forward to working together again…"- N. Price Paschall, CT Real-estate Investor/Developer -
"…Construction Management Group, LLC headed up by Mr. Salvatore Zarrella is without a doubt, a company you put your complete trust and confidence in. Mr. Zarrella displays and conducts every aspect of this business with high moral and ethic values and in all cases puts the client first and foremost. His attention to detail, and his ability to think “Outside the Box” makes him an integral team member…"- Deacon Louis F. Howe, Sr., St. Aloysius Church -
"…Not only is Salvatore of Construction Management Group a very good contractor using imagination and creativity to produce the best possible results, he is honest, reliable and a man of his word."- Monsignor Scheyd , St, Aloysius Church -
"…I strongly believe that the Holy Spirit worked through Salvatore who inspired the glass sculpture so effectively that the resulting work was outstanding…"- Richard F. Reifers -
"…Completing this building within the very tight budget would have been a strong challenge to any builder, but this was accomplished, in large measure to Salvatore’s contentious effort to deliver a high quality project, within the restricted budget… Salvatore’s first concern was consistently to produce a quality building for the Town and we have been very satisfied with the final product. In a few words – Salvatore takes a great deal of pride in his work… it has been a pleasure to work with Salvatore and I would look forward to having the Construction Management Group on any future projects."- Michael P. Pastore, P.E., Director of Public Works, New Canaan -
"...Over the past ten years we had important projects for the school for renovation and enhancements that were completed successfully by Construction Management Group... The project was efficiently planned and constructed in time for school's opening day. We were impressed with the quality of the materials and workmanship. This was a highly professional and very well managed work product... Mr. Zarrella came up with excellent and creative plans to overcome any obstacles. He helped us choose the air conditioners, planned out the electrical and construction needs and issues, and had most of the work performed outside of school hours, so teachers and students could do their work. We were very pleased with the jobs that were done. If the school ever needs to renovate again, we would definitely call Salvatore and his team. They are a high quality company.."- Dr. Donald Howard -
"…Mr. Zarrella has proven himself to be a reliable, dependable, and efficient contractor… I highly recommend him and his team for any construction project, especially those with stringent deadlines..."- Albert Massarella, Darien Public Schools -
"…My wife and I had to have certain criteria met… things like attention to detail, planning the project and then providing us with breakdowns of where every dollar is to be spent. This is where Salvatore and Construction Management Group exceeded our expectations… This is what really impressed us and then to our surprise the project came in under budget! How often does that happen? From start to finish there were no unexpected scenarios… I can’t speak more highly of his character and more importantly his dedication to making the home owner happy."- Isaac Apostolidis -
"I have spent over forty years as an architect in New Canaan, CT. Over this time, I have had the pleasure of working with some very fine construction firms, most of whom practice their building process in a similar way, but not nearly as developed and refined as yours... I had no hesitation in recommending you to my client, the United Methodist Church of New Canaan. You're unique and highly detailed approach was just what they needed... You solved problems and bring your work in on time and under budget, which is not common in such large projects. Thank you for all you have done on this project and for meeting and exceeding our client's expectations..."- Malcom Robertson, Architect -
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