When our job is done, the exhilarating feeling that we started with, still remains. When a new job is about to break ground, there is a certain level of excitement for everyone, especially for the property owners who have been planning for quite a while. Our meetings with the owners are collaborative and productive as we progress. But the question is, how often do the owners still have that same level of optimism and excitement toward the end of the project? When you always act in the best interest of your client and treat the project or home as if it were your own, it is easy to maintain lasting trust well after you have completed the project. We are proud to say, that all those we have worked for can attest that the initial feeling they had which originally caused them to choose CMG, still remains long after we have completed our work. Furthermore, our eagerness to make sure that everything in their building is running properly never fades.

We invite you to browse the following pages to read the experiences from the clients that have entrusted Construction Management Group for their projects. CMG will gladly provide contact information for all our past clients upon request.

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…Construction Management Group, LLC headed up by Mr. Salvatore Zarrella is without a doubt, a company you put your complete trust and confidence in.  Mr. Zarrella displays and conducts every aspect of this business with high moral and ethic values and in all cases puts the client first and foremost.  His attention to detail, and his ability to think “Outside the Box” makes him an integral team member…

- Deacon Louis F. Howe, Sr., St. Aloysius Church -